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For all of you that have logged onto my site in the past are going to find some of this boring because I am about to repeat myself, but hang in there because some of it is now about to be updated!

I am no longer a small town girl of a population of 500 people. I have recently made the move to the city!!! Well a city to me. I went from 500 to 12,0000. See what did I tell ya. Kinda scary at first but hey I am tuff. Adjusting to working out in public is kina weird. Until now I did all my training in the garage. But all that equipment got sold in the move and well here I am a city chick working out in a public gym talk about adjustments. As for my restaurant it is up for sale and I am working for a oilfield company.

Still all the family history is the same. I am the youngest girl of five children. I have a older sister and three brothers. So yes you guessed it life growing up was rough. It was like having four fathers following me around everywhere!!. Hey besides not allowing me to go to the parties or to my own grad without them there to chaperone and a 11:00 curfew at 18 years old what fun would life have been. (I just keep telling myself that!) In the long run I knew they did it because they loved me so all is good. I have seven dogs. One Wnglish Setter and six English Pointers. They are a whole lot of fun. Each year we head down to southern United States and trial with them  on wild birds. Generally quail. It is amazing to watch them at work! Just lost the only girl we had a couple months ago…my rotweilller. Broke my heart – she was eleven and well, I just say that Heavan has a new Angel.

Besides all that just living life as a bodybuilder and loving it. I found my true passion in this sport and I hope I never dissapoint you. As long as I step foot on any stage I promise to present myself at my best. Hope to see you around.

From fighting an eating disorder to accepting myself for all I am worth has been one of the greatest gifts I have ever been given. The real gift of life and self-acceptance. This is where my bodybuilding life had begun. I started eating on a schedule and lifting weights. I have been picked up as a athlete with Species Nutrition out of New York. A amazing company that truly cares about  the sport with nutrition that shows. With my training under  Dave Palumbo for the last two years I have been so fortunate to have a great success in my competitons. Dave’s knowledge and brilliance in this sport  continues to improve my physique. Three years in a row now I have qualified for the Ms. Olympia. For this alone I have been extremely fortunate and I owe my thanks to so many who always and continue to believe in me. I cannot  thank you enough!!!!

Be true to yourself through whatever life puts in front of you. Respect and pride cannot be given to you, but it will get you further in life than a trophy or contract. It must be earned and only you have the strength to achieve an undefeatable goal. Only you have the power to become far more than you ever dreamed. In September 07 I competed in the Atlantic City Pro show which was my pro debut. Not expecting anything just some great memories and a learning experience. I was in the 135bs and under class. There were thirteen competitors from nine different countries and I placed FIRST!!!!. I was soooo excited. Talk about leaving with memories. So this show qualified me for the Olympia. With the biggest show in the world for bodybuilders I was beyond excited. Being only a coulple weeks away I just had to focus on holding my condition.

Once the time arrived for the Olympia in Las Vegas I felt really good. Now here I definitely had NO expectations!. As met the other competitors they were all so nice. I knew I was going to have a time of my life. And I did. I was out weighted by….a lot but my shape and over all package held it’s own on the stage. I felt confident. I knew at this point there was nothing else I could do to be “better”. Each and evey show I do for myself and my fans. So I always come in my best possible condition and know that I have won in a personal way. This is how I look at each time I step foot on stage because if you are goinbg out there to “win” then there will be times in your life that you will feel disapointed. And I believe that no matter what you do in life if you believe and give it your all then you are a true champion.

So I ended up placing eighth out of fifteen women for my very first Olympia!!!!! Oh my Lord I was on top of the world. Happy…..excited…emotional and appreciative to
all and everyone around me.

Since then the following year I competed in Tampa placing 1st  and Dallas at the Europa a week later taking 2nd. A few weeks later the Olympia for the second time. Not being able to hold my top condition over the past weeks and two shows I ended up 11th which again I was happy with just not my conditioning.  In ’09 I was planning on taking the year off, but felt I had made my gains in my legs the judges asked me to. Came in a lil soft after experimenting with my diet the  night before costing me a Olympia placing. So decided to compete in AC three weeks later. Nailed what I felt was my best conditioning yet!!! Ended up with third place with a great line of women. Off to the Olympia for the third time and couldn’t hold my fullness. Ended up 12th, but proud to stand foot on that stage with what has been talked about as one of the most impressive line in women’s bodybuilding history!

So I would like to thank eveyone who believed and still believes in me.. I love you and I thank you!!!!

God Bless!