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Weight Training Exercises Women


It is true that each woman’s dream to have a svelte like figure, but since not all of us have a strong will like Cindy Crawford, we can, in any case, be lean and have a healthier figure without going to extremes. Most ladies will agree that looking great is hard work. This is when weight training for ladies can offer assistance. A lean and fit body will help you have a more vigorous and healthy lifestyle. In spite of the fact that men burn calories faster than ladies; this statement is still relative depending on each person’s body type.

1. Consider first the areas you want to define.

One of the huge issues with corpulence in ladies is Osteoporosis or fragile bones. As soon as we get more seasoned the amount of calcium in our bones decreases, making our bones weak. Weight training, as well as great eating routine and appropriate intake of calcium, make the body flexible to the harsh impacts brought on by Osteoporosis. If you have to get in shape, consider first which areas you want to define. There is a myth regarding weight training for ladies. Individuals say that ladies will generate cumbersome muscles similar to those of men when performing this form of exercise. However, since ladies’ bodies are different from men’s, the outcomes vary too.

2. Choose the type of exercise that works best for you.

There are different types of exercises suited to different types of individuals. Go to the rec center first and check what weight training options they offer specifically for ladies. Pick the one that you are comfortable doing. Exercised to a decent physical make-up takes time and you have to know which one works for you. You ought to ask for a consultation with a trainer to help you begin.

3. Work on a schedule and use one that fits in with your lifestyle.

If you plan to workout in a rec centre then aim to visit the exercise centre a few times each week and this will help your body to adjust rapidly to the weight training. Always warm up and do some aerobic exercises before you start on the machines. Without a legitimate warm-up, you risk your muscles getting strained and easily exhausted after using an exercise machine. You can also use the rec centre to talk to other individuals and ask them about their weight training administrations. They will probably share an insight or two with you.

4. Do not forget, what you eat is important.

This is one of the reasons why ladies doing weight training get frustrated after a work-out. After exercising, they take a break and feel hungry and so arrange a heavy meal. You should incorporate healthy eating with your weight training.

5. Stick to your plan.

If you want to have and maintain your body, you should be consistent with your workout. Here and there, the drawback to exercising, is once a woman gets the body she has always wanted, she will stop training. Even if you have achieved your goal, weight training for ladies still involves sticking with your eating routine and your training program. Keep in mind, no gain without pain, so learn to appreciate it.

Here is the prescribed training

A. Circuit Training 101

One of the most regarded weight training exercises for ladies is circuit training. If you want to get a cardio workout and quality training workout all at once then circuit training may be for you. So what is circuit training? Well, to place it in easy terms, it is a combination of 6-10 exercises done back to back without resting. For example, you would take after an outline something like this.

Squat-10 reps
Chest Press-10 reps
Lunge-8 reps
Pushups-15 reps
Lateral Raise-8 reps
Sit ups-20 reps

You would do all of these exercises back to back then take a 2-minute break and repeat for a total of 2-3 times. Not only will you construct muscle, you will also get an amazing cardiovascular workout because this type of exercise raises your heart rate. It is kind of like jogging and lifting weights at the same time but you get fatter burning out of your efforts.

B. Super Set Weight Training

Supersets are also great weight training exercises for ladies to do. This is fundamentally the same as your circuit training workouts the only difference is that instead of doing 6 consecutive exercises you are only doing 2. This is the reason they are called sets. With supersets you should go somewhat heavier on the weights to get the most out of the exercises. Instead of resting for 2 entire minutes after each superset you will now rest only 1 minute. Also, if you want to burn muscle to fat ratio ratios much faster than it is ideal to pair upper and lower body exercises in the same superset.

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