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weight workouts for women

Many women are afraid to engage in a workout routine that continues past a regular cardio workout. What they fail to realize is that although cardio burns calories, weight training helps to trim and sculpt your new body. It is vital that both of these things meet and create balance.

There are numerous body weight workouts for women that include weight training and integrate it into a well-balanced workout. With the addition of cardio, this can assist women in changing their lifestyle, weight, BMI, and attitude.

Push ups – Push-ups are a great way to get your body in tune and fit as a fiddle! Can’t handle a full push-up yet? Try doing a push-up on your knees. Another great way to engage your body in a push-up is doing it on top of a yoga ball. The basic push-up is as follows – lay on your stomach on the ground. Your hands should be a little in front of you and on the floor palm down. Your feet should be shoulder width apart. Push up from the ground using your back. Repeat. When you go down, don’t let your body touch the ground – only allow it to hover over before pushing back up to the top of the your length.

Pull ups – Pull ups can be a scary proposition in most body weight workouts for women. Usually, a pull up is when you hang from a bar that is off of the ground. You cannot touch the floor. You must pull yourself up only by your arm muscles to make your face meet the bar. Then, lower yourself down without touching the floor. Repeat. Here is an alternate option. Hang a strap from a pull up bar so that it hangs down. Lower yourself below the strap and pull up so that your arms are by your sides. This is the opposite of a pull up but works the same muscles. It allows you to build up your strength before you get to the real thing.

Squat jumps – Bend your legs so that you’re in a squat position with your feet shoulder width apart. Leap into the air and when you land, bend your knees. Repeat as far as you can go. This is similar to playing Leapfrog, but you won’t remember hurting this much when you played leap frog as a kid! Tons of fun and great for your glutes.

Walking lunges – Use barbells that are about 15 pounds to start. Hold one in each hand. Put your right leg out in front of you and bend both legs until your right knee almost touches the ground. Then come back to a standing position. Switch legs. Go as far as you can!

Boxing – boxing is easy, fun, and can help you get out any aggression you might be holding onto! Put on some boxing gloves, find a boxing bag, and go to town! Make sure to hit with your knuckles to cause as little damage as possible to your hand. Let that invisible opponent have it!


Weight Training Workouts to Build Muscle

Believe or not, building muscle is just as important to women as it is to men. By building muscle you will give your body shape and definition. In other words, you will build an attractive physique. Building muscle is the foundation of weight loss because without it you will not burn fat. Just think about it, your body will burn fat even while you sleep because of the muscle it has. So you will literally burn body fat 24 hours a day. If you are looking into weight training then I suggest you do super-set training or circuit training. These are the best weight loss workouts for women.

Circuit training will be done by doing 6 exercises back to back without rest and super-sets will be done by doing 2 heavy weight exercises back to back without rest. Both type of workouts are great for burning body fat and building stamina.

Body Weight Loss Workouts for Women

If you are the type of woman who is just too busy to go to a gym then there are plenty of ways to get a good workout at home. The most common way is to run on a treadmill, however, if you choose to go this route then I suggest you start with intervals so that you will shed more belly fat during your running exercise. Another great way to build muscle is to do body-weight exercises. With body-weight exercises you will only use your body weight as resistance. This is a great way to build lean muscle and it is also not as easy as it sounds.

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